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Terms of service:
Wenlin  customer service department adhering to the "service creates value" after-sales purposes, in good faith for customer service, customer satisfaction is our work standards. In order to allow the the Wenlin  users to better enjoy their own rights, please carefully read the following terms.

Service Policy
1.Warranty period:
The Wenlin products for one year warranty and lifetime maintenance;
The Wenlin  users to enjoy the warranty period of not less than the national Three Guarantees: the period of repair kits, to provide users with free services; for repair period, in accordance with the Wenlin  unified fee standards to provide users with the paid services;

2.including repair certificate:
Wenlin  products within the warranty period, the user must depend on proof of purchase to handle warranty and repair number must be consistent with the product warranty certificate number, if no certificate while the product number projected warranty period, such as the two nothing the user does not enjoy the free service, but the commitment to provide users with the paid services, to collect maintenance fees and accessories fees to users in accordance with the Wenlin  the standardized charges., replacement, return the liability:
Since the products sold within seven days from performance failure occurs, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair; (except for shipping damage).
Replacement conditions in line with our same model with the specifications of products, consumers are not willing to exchange other models, specifications and request a return, we give a return.

Replacement warranty valid from the date of the replacement of the recalculation.
Refund, replacement product packaging, the appearance must be intact, the attachments must be complete, or not to be handled.

In order to make your legal rights are protected, to avoid unnecessary losses, for the following causes of product failure, abnormal or damaged, The Wenlin  do not assume the obligation to free warranty, please choose paid services.
1) damage to consumers as a result of the use, maintenance, and properly maintained;
2) illegally dismantled or repair the damage;
3) No proof of purchase and valid invoice;

4) on the certificate does not match or altered;
5) When your product is out of warranty;
6) use of non-standard expansion unit without certification;
7) products have been non-Wenlin  authorized service personnel for repair or demolition;
8) If the natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires, etc.) reasons.
Note: This Terms of Service limit Wenlin  machinery and electronics products, supplies not in terms of range.

Special Note:
You should be in the product before the handover to dealers out-of-the-box quality of the machine acceptance. The handover of the product after the discovery of the defect or fault (except for inherent defects can be found), the presumption of fault on the grounds of my company.
In order to provide you with better service, to protect your rights, Wenlin  Precision welcomes you to supervise our work.
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