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Exhibition News

WenLin Paris 2014 card exhibition ended

Paris smart card as the world's largest professional exhibition, smart card, security, identity recognition in the field of exhibition, as well as the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent card and service providers in the display platform, a grand opening in Paris in November 4, 2014.

Wuhan WenLin as Chinese leading smart card equipment manufacturers, to global customers shows smart card China advanced front-end equipment -Full Auto laminator  machine, Full auto punching machine, and by a wide range of new and old customers.

During the exhibition, many customers consultation automatic red card machines WL-SMARTLAM5200B-10/7500B-8 auto laminator machine and WL-HSA-3C full auto punching machine, showing strong interest, and look forward to working with our further to discuss cooperation matters. The majority of customers entrust, WenLin will consider plans to the next Paris exhibition equipment with real, WenLin will be the latest products and technology with old and new customers to share, WenLin will deliver the goods, will try the best to our customers bring business card printing solutions to the most convenient, effective, time-saving, labor-saving, cost saving.

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