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Full Auto Laminator

Intelligent Full Automatic Laminator Machine WL-Smartlam7500B-8

  • Model WL-Smartlam7500B-8
  • Brand WenLin
  • Specifications
  • Application range Suitable for PVC,PET,PC,ABS,PETG,and other plastic materials laminating.
  • Description
  • Features
  • Parameters
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Heating tower Auto Feeding System
Auto-feeding materials, trays with laminated materials be conveyed to cooling tower automatically.
Feeding device goes up and down, automatic feeding and discharging transmission.
For convenient machine maintenance, feeding transmission system can be chosen to semi-automatic operation method.
Heating System
Electric heating, hot pressure 0-16Mpa, pressure precision ±0.1Mpa
Operation temperature can be adjusted in the range of 0-200 ℃, temperature precision ±2℃
Thermal platens flatness:0.05mm, parallelism: 0.05mm
Each opening can work independently
Cooling System
Pressure range:0-16Mpa, pressure precision:±0.1Mpa, can be adjusted in the range.
Cooling platens flatness:0.05mm, parallelism: 0.05mm
Platens adopt stainless steel and aluminum materials to avoid any rustiness.
Auto unloading System
To receive the trays with materials from cooling tower automatically.
Lifting platform conveys trays with materials from discharge shelf to roller transmission belt.
Discharge shelf is on the right of the cooling tower, each opening is equipped with cross-feed convey roller for conveying.
Auto convey system
Roller transmission belt is used for conveying of trays with non-laminated or laminated materials


Lay and take out material System 

Convenient for taking out the materials manually.
Suitable for different size of steel plates and laminating materials.
Tilt table makes it easier for worker to lay the materials onto the trays.
PLC control system,data management system
English and Chinese operation menu with strong power of data management, including pressure,temperature,time and production data.
Function of setting production parameters, temperature,pressure and time every cycle 
Failure detection function,alarm and show the error place.
Display the working status of each unit.

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