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Full Auto Laminator

Full Auto Lamination System WL-Smartlam8500

  • Model WL-Smartlam8500
  • Brand wenlin
  • Specifications
  • Application range Suitable for making contact cards, contactless cards,Id cards,double interface cards and bank cards
  • Description
  • Features
  • Parameters
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Heating tower Auto Feeding System

● Auto-feeding materials, trays with laminated materials be conveyed to cooling tower automatically.

● Feeding device goes up and down, automatic feeding and discharging transmission.

● For convenient machine maintenance, feeding transmission system can be chosen to semi-automatic operation method.


Heating System

● Electric heating, hot pressure 0-16Mpa, pressure precision ±0.1Mpa

● Operation temperature can be adjusted in the range of 0-200 ℃, temperature precision ±2℃

● Thermal platens flatness:0.05mm, parallelism: 0.05mm

● Each opening can work independently


Cooling System

● Pressure range:0-16Mpa, pressure precision:±0.1Mpa, can be adjusted in the range.

● Cooling platens flatness:0.05mm, parallelism: 0.05mm

● Platens adopt stainless steel and aluminum materials to avoid any rustiness.


Auto unloading System

● To receive the trays with materials from cooling tower automatically.

● Lifting platform conveys trays with materials from discharge shelf to roller transmission belt.

● Discharge shelf is on the right of the cooling tower, each opening is equipped with cross-feed convey roller for conveying.


Auto convey system

●Roller transmission belt is used for conveying of trays with non-laminated or laminated material


Lay and take out material System 

● Convenient for taking out the materials manually.

● Suitable for different size of steel plates and laminating materials.

●Tilt table makes it easier for worker to lay the materials onto the trays


Full computer control management system and visual operation

● English and Chinese operation menu with strong power of data management, including pressure,temperature,time and production data. 

●Image curve function of store each batch of production parameters, temperature,pressure and time 

● Failure detection function,alarm and show the error place. 

● Display the working status of each unit.

● Support for USB devices and network interface,it can be data imported and upgraded through the original system.

● All alarms will show the correspondence alarm message on the display screen, and can check the history alarm record.

● There are Running time record , Standby time record,Fault time record on control interface, and you can set operation password to protect the machine.

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