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Semi Auto Laminator

New Generation Automatic Laminator WL-FA7500AT/8100AT

  • Model WL-FA7500AT/8100AT
  • Brand WenLin
  • Specifications 600x750mm/650x810mm
  • Application range
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Suitable for producing various types of smart cards, bank cards; billboards; various kinds of pearly-lustre panels , such as cloth panels, fabric panels, decorations, acrylic fabric board, PVC cloth panels,etc.; digital plates; leopard plates; floral plates ; pure-color plates.


The new generation Plastic Laminating Machine achieves much more functions with automatic transfer materials, time and labor saving, safe and standard production , enterprise maximize benefit,etc. This laminator adopts the newest automatic transferring technology, which makes material transferring more easily and safely, also saves worker labor intensity efficiently.

 It is suitable for making all kinds of contactless, contact smart cards,bank cards and dual-interface cards; be widely used in laminating various kinds of digital plates or accessions plates,  such as 

celluloids ,pvcboards, furniture plates and absorbing materials,gold leaves,etc. 

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