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Successful Business Cooperation with SMARTRAC for WENLIN-FA8500

11:00AM, ‘Qualification label’ is pasted from the Thailand SMARTRAC company's experts and technical team for the WENLIN-FA8500 automatic RFID laminating production line.
 After nearly six months of intense production and commissioning, WENLIN-FA8500 automatic smart card laminating production line through the test, including machine running test, process testing, a variety of material stability testing, rejection rate testing on the basis of International Criteria.
Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, SMARTRAC is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products and "IoT solutions", providing both ready-made and customized offerings, suitable for a large number of applications, used in industrial assets, consumer goods, credit cards, passports, access products, vehicles and many more.
WENLIN-FA8500 will be applied to the Thailand branch of SMARTRAC, whichwill replace the previous production line. Smartrac also have the business corporation about the two fully auto laminating production line with Model WENLIN-FA7500 -- Sales Value is up to 1,000,000USD.
With the increasing hi-tech innovation and market share demands, SMARTRACwill expand the production in different countries.
Wenlin Wang, general manager of WenLin said: SMARTRAC company is be partner of Wenlin fully automated RFID laminating production line is expected and also expected, it is expected that the world's largest industry giants can purchase products from us and in the first year purchased 3 sets of production line at same time. Not only reflecting WenLin get the International Standard PASSPORT based on 15 years timeless efforts, but also inevitable result from the industry upgrading and innovation development from ChineseGovernment.
It is reported that WenLin automatic RFID laminating production line is the patent demonstration projects in Wuhan City and Jiang'an District, Wenlinseries of products is honored with national, provincial, municipal, district and six national invention patents and more than 50 utility model patents. Thereason is why SMARTRAC be business partner with us -- WENLIN All Series is Independent intellectual property rights.
WENLIN-FA8500 automatic RFID laminating production line combines the foreign intelligence, the scale of production, remote monitoring, data collection and other aspects of the harsh requirements. Which is strict problem, especially the controlling method from PLC change into IPC. This is a historic challenge to us what if we comfront the strict standard requirements and also can strengthen us in future business with different countries customers.
WENLIN-FA8500 automatic RFID laminating production line is expected put in use in Feb,2017.

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